Environmental,Social and Governance


Putting Sustainability at the Core

As Souver Home, we firmly believe that alongside business success, we have a responsibility to protect the environment, care for social well-being, and uphold high standards of corporate governance.


Sustainable Material Selection

Our brand is committed to selecting and utilizing eco-conscious and sustainable materials, including organic cotton, recycled fibers, and upcycled materials, to alleviate strain on natural resources and decrease our environmental footprint.


Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction

We prioritize energy efficiency and emissions reduction by implementing cutting-edge production processes and technologies to minimize our carbon footprint.


Forest Conservation

Our brand advocates sustainable forest management and promotes tree planting initiatives to combat climate change and safeguard ecosystems.


Protection of Labor Rights

Our brand is dedicated to safeguarding the labor rights of all our employees and partners. We prioritize providing a secure workplace, reasonable work hours, and equitable compensation.


Community Engagement

We actively participate in and support local community development projects and charitable initiatives to promote social welfare and enhance quality of life.


Supply Chain Transparency

We prioritize supply chain transparency. We form lasting partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and social responsibility. Our strict requirements ensure that our supply chain is sustainable and fair for all involved.


Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We strictly adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and business ethics, establishing transparent and integrity-driven operating systems.


Independent Board Oversight

We have an independent board of directors to ensure that the company's decision-making and management adhere to the highest ethical and governance standards.


Risk Management

We prioritize the implementation of a comprehensive risk management system to effectively address both internal and external risks. This ensures the long-term sustainability and stability of our business.