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In the realm of textiles, where beauty meets warmth, there stands a masterful woman of exceptional skill—my grandmother. She devoted her youth to the textile industry and passed down her unique and exquisite craftsmanship to generations. Her love for textiles surpassed ordinary passion; each thread she wove carried profound insights into the artistry and an unwavering pursuit of beauty.

The enchanting tale of Souver traces back to my childhood, where my grandmother spun a magical world through her intricate weavings. Every textile she painstakingly crafted was a miraculous spell, each fiber an intertwining of her boundless love. Immersed in her stories, I developed a deep fascination and admiration for the textile industry.

Since 1995, our family has been establishing its own textile factory, dedicating nearly two decades to producing high-quality luxurious fabrics. As time progressed, I ventured globally, learning and incorporating advanced textile technologies. Over the past decade, we've meticulously optimized every aspect of our supply chain, carrying forward my grandmother's spirit of precision. We aim to build an environmentally friendly, sustainably developing, and comfortable high-end home textile brand.

In this magical textile realm, Souver is not just a home textile brand; it is a narrative of heritage and dedication. Our mission is to uphold my grandmother's artisanal spirit, guided by innovation and excellence, to deliver unparalleled quality and comfort. We firmly believe that each Souver product is a spell of home, enveloping you in a warm embrace and providing a true sense of happiness and comfort.

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Address: Unit 325, Building 1, Floor 3, Meizhi Dahua TV Factory, Baogang North Road, Tianxin Community, Sungang Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen


Email: support@souverhome.com


Souver's vision was to become a leader in the sustainable home textiles industry. We strived for innovation, constantly seeking new recyclable and eco-friendly materials, and driving the textile industry towards a more sustainable direction. Through active participation in environmental conservation activities and advocating for sustainable consumption, Souver aimed to ignite people's environmental awareness, creating a better living environment for future generations.

We Care

At Souver, we highlight unique textile techniques and distinctive designs, captivating the hearts of consumers with an experience that goes beyond materialism. Whether dreamers, art enthusiasts, or individuals seeking comfort and relaxation, Souver Home becomes their extraordinary and warm choice. Souver will always strive to create beautiful and sustainable home products, offering consumers a sustainable and eco-friendly option and enabling them to experience living in harmony with nature in their homes.

Updated June 21, 2024
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