Silk Filled Classic Duvet-All Season

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Size: Queen
Color: Snow White
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Embrace Year-Round Bliss: Silk Filled Classic Duvet - The Epitome of All-Season Serenity!

Elevate Sleep with Our Silk-Filled Classic Duvet

Elevate Your Sleep Experience

Stay cozy in winter and cool in summer for the perfect sleep, no matter the season.

Mulberry Silk

Renewable and Natural

Silk derived from the miracle of natural forests provides you with a pure sleeping experience, and its renewable nature contributes to environmental protection.

Lightweight and Airy

Light fluffiness, as if immersed in feathers, allows you to sleep lightly.

Indulge in Luxurious Comfort

Smooth, luxurious sateen shell that fits snugly against the skin, and its tactile feel provides luxurious comfort when uncovered.

Chinese Silk

Silk is a renewable and natural material, making the Silk Filled Classic Duvet an eco-friendly choice. By choosing this duvet, you're opting for a sustainable alternative that doesn't compromise on comfort.

What's so great about the silk-filled classic duvet?

Lightweight and Breathable

Experience lightweight comfort and breathability. The Silk Filled Classic Duvet offers a cozy embrace without feeling heavy or stifling, allowing for unrestricted movement and a peaceful sleep.

Superior Moisture Management

Tay dry and comfortable throughout the night. The silk filling's excellent moisture-wicking properties regulate body temperature, preventing night sweats and promoting a refreshing sleep.

Sustainable Luxury

Rest easy knowing your duvet is crafted from sustainable silk. By choosing the Silk Filled Classic Duvet, you're making an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on luxurious comfort.

Better fit and fixation

Our duvets with our duvet covers have 8 ties. Make sure your duvet is firmly in place for maximum protection against shifting and a clean look for a cosy night's sleep.

Is it suitable for all seasons?

Not only will you experience the perfect balance of warmth and breathability for all seasons. What's more, you'll achieve deep sleep regardless of the weather outside!

Is it hypoallergenic-friendly?

Our silk-filled Classic duvets are hypoallergenic and repel allergens, providing you with a clean, healthy sleeping environment. Enjoy a sneeze-free sleep environment, a place of peace of mind for hypoallergenic people.

Is it breathable and light?

The fluffy silk is evenly distributed in the squares to allow full air circulation. Light as a feather delight, indulge in luxurious lightness and enjoy a truly cozy night's sleep.

Will I stay cool and dry all night?

Needless to say, you can sleep through the night! The natural properties of silk wick away moisture and prevent overheating, creating a cool and dry sleeping environment. Experience optimal sleep temperature control with our silk-filled Classic duvets.

Multi-functional Duvet Storage Bag

Corduroy Duvet Basket: Stylish and Practical

Upgrade your storage with our corduroy duvet basket:

  • Soft Protection: Corduroy keeps duvets safe and cozy.
  • Chic Design: Stylishly blends function with aesthetics.
  • Spacious Yet Strong: Accommodates duvets while staying resilient.

Elevate storage with comfort and style.

Instant Bag Stiffening: Discover Effortless Structure Enhancement!

Transform your bag's structure in an instant by utilizing our innovative support frame insertion feature. While we prioritize environmental sustainability and refrain from providing PVC, we're here to assist you further. Reach out to us for precise dimensions if you wish to use your preferred stiffening material.

Corduroy Dual-Purpose Tote: Elevate Style, Effortlessly

Experience our corduroy basket's innovation. Seamlessly shift from duvet basket to chic tote, adapting to every occasion.
Two-Sided Elegance: Reversible design offers unique front and reverse styles.
Effortless Switching: Ergonomic handles ensure comfort in both orientations.
Elevate fashion versatility with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Junya W.
Just Perfect!

The silk comforter is incredibly comfortable, and I even got the Cotton Collection cover to go with it. Interestingly, our cat has taken a liking to the silk comforter's packaging and often snuggles into it for playtime – quite amusing! The eco-friendly and stylish packaging is a definite bonus. I'm really fond of it!

Exactly as Advertised

This comforter is a dream come true! It's everything I've been searching for. The softness and coziness are unparalleled, creating a luxurious and top-notch experience. The fact that it's breathable was my main priority in finding a new comforter, and this one ticks all the boxes. I'm absolutely smitten with it!