Souver Affiliate Program

Join our network of affiliates and earn commissions on every sale made through your unique referral link. Start promoting Souver's luxurious bedding, bath linens, and home decor products to your audience today and enjoy the benefits of our competitive commission rates and exclusive promotions. Sign up now and become a part of the Souver family!

Affiliates Policy

Join Souver's Affiliate Program today by submitting your application through our official website.

Application Process

Our brand carefully evaluates each application, considering factors such as suitability, promotional channels, and target audience.We require precise contact details from applicants for seamless communication and efficient tracking. And we expect our affiliates to uphold high standards of business ethics and integrity, while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.At Souver, we expect our affiliates to promote our brand through channels that reflect our image and values. We strictly prohibit any fraudulent, offensive, or illegal content on our promotional channels.

Commission Structure

Earn commissions based on actual sales generated through your promotional activities with our affiliate program.Our brand offers a transparent commission structure that clearly outlines commission rates or fixed amounts as stated in the affiliate agreement.Our brand pays commissions on a fixed monthly date or upon reaching a specific threshold.

Promotional Links

Get your own personalized tracking link to track your sales and performance as our affiliate.At our brand, we require our affiliates to maintain accurate usage of tracking links and materials, while also upholding our brand guidelines and standards.

Tracking and Reporting

Introducing our state-of-the-art tracking and reporting system! Our online platform empowers affiliates to effortlessly monitor their promotional performance, sales, and commissions.At our brand, we hold our affiliates accountable for regularly reviewing reports and ensuring data accuracy.At our brand, we prioritize conducting periodic reviews of our affiliates' promotional activities and performance.

Duration and Termination

At our brand, we offer flexible partnership terms that are agreed upon by both parties in our affiliate agreement.Our brand values integrity and adherence to our affiliate standards. We reserve the right to terminate the partnership if these standards are violated or if there is a breach of the agreement. Mutual agreement is also a valid reason for termination.At our brand, we strive to provide exemplary policies for our affiliate program. Please keep in mind that the above policy is merely an example, and the actual terms may differ based on the program.