Hospital Bed Sheet Sizes: A Comprehensive Guide


When it comes to providing comfortable and sanitary bedding for patients, hospital bed sheets are an essential part of any healthcare facility. Not only do they need to be durable and easy to clean, but they also need to fit the specific size of a hospital bed.

But what size bed sheets are suitable for a hospital bed, and how to choose the right size bed sheets? Where else can I buy hospital sheets? In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about hospital sheet sizes and where to find them.

What Size Sheets for Hospital Bed?

Hospital bed sheets come in various sizes, just like regular bedding. However, hospital beds are often larger and have thicker mattresses than standard beds. Therefore, it's crucial to know the exact size of your hospital bed before buying sheets. Below are the most common hospital bed sheet sizes:

Extra Long Hospital Bed Sheet Size

Extra-long hospital beds are designed for taller patients, ensuring their comfort during their stay. The sheets for these beds are typically 36 x 84 inches, slightly longer than the standard. Finding the right fit is vital for patient comfort and bed functionality. Special extra-long bed sheets designed for added length to prevent slipping are crucial for a clean and secure bed.

Standard Hospital Bed Sheet Size

Standard hospital beds are the most common type of bed used in healthcare facilities. The sheets for standard beds typically measure 36 x 80 inches, slightly shorter than extra-long beds. These sheets can also fit on twin XL-sized mattresses if needed.


Bariatric Hospital Bed Sheet Size

Bariatric hospital beds are designed to accommodate larger and heavier patients with a wider and longer frame. The bariatric bed sheets are 42 x 80 inches, providing ample coverage for the larger bed size.

Bassinet and Crib Sheets

Hospitals also provide bassinet and crib sheets for newborns and infants, ensuring a cozy and comfortable environment for the little ones. These specialized sheets, tailored to fit bassinets and cribs perfectly, come in sizes measuring 18 x 36 inches for bassinets and 28 x 52 inches for cribs, offering a soft and snug setting for the babies to rest peacefully.

Pediatric Hospital Bed Sheet Size

Pediatric hospital beds are specially designed to cater to the unique needs of children, providing a safe and comfortable environment for their recovery. The sheets for pediatric beds are usually 30 x 72 inches, slightly shorter than standard beds but wider to accommodate the bed's safety rails.

Full-size Hospital Bed Sheets

Full-size hospital beds are not as prevalent but can be in certain healthcare facilities. The sheets for these beds measure 54 x 80 inches, matching the dimensions of a standard full-size bed. These sheets can be an alternative when other sizes are unavailable or offer extra coverage for larger patients.

Queen Size Hospital Bed Sheets

Queen-size hospital beds represent the most spacious bed category in healthcare settings. Designed to accommodate larger patients or cater to two individuals simultaneously, the sheets for these beds usually span 60 x 80 inches, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


King Size Hospital Bed Sheet Size

King-size hospital beds are favored in larger healthcare facilities, offering generous space and comfort for patients. The king-size hospital bed sheets usually come in 76 x 80 inches, equivalent to a standard king-size bed.

Here is a hospital bed sheet size chart for easy reference:

Hospital Bed Type

Sheet Size (inches)


Extra Long

36 x 84

Designed for taller patients, ensuring comfort and preventing slipping.

Standard 36

36 x 80

The most common type is suitable for regular hospital beds or twin XL mattresses.


42 x 80

Accommodates larger and heavier patients with a wider and longer frame.

Bassinet and Crib Sheets

18 x 36 / 28 x 52

Suitable for newborns and infants


30 x 72

Smaller size for children, commonly used in pediatric hospitals or units.

Full Size 

54 x 80

Less common, suitable for full-size hospital beds or additional coverage for larger patients.

Queen Size

60 x 80

Large size for ample coverage, suitable for larger or two patients at once.

King Size

76 x 80

Spacious and comfortable, suitable for larger healthcare facilities.

Why is the Right Size Hospital Bed Sheet Important?

Choosing the right size hospital bed sheet is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures patient comfort. A properly fitted sheet will not bunch up or slip off, providing patients with a more comfortable and secure sleeping experience.

In addition, using the correct size sheets can also prevent any potential hygiene issues. Ill-fitting sheets can create gaps or folds where bacteria and other contaminants accumulate, making it difficult to maintain proper hygiene in the bed. This is especially important in a healthcare setting where infection control is crucial.

Moreover, using the correct size sheets also ensures the longevity of your hospital beds. Overstretching or forcing sheets onto a bed that is not the right size can cause wear and tear on the sheet and the mattress, potentially leading to frequent replacements and added costs for the facility.

How to Choose Hospital Bed Sheets?

When it comes to choosing hospital bed sheets, there are a few key factors to consider:

Fabric Options

The choice of fabric is crucial when selecting hospital bed sheets, as it directly impacts the sheets' comfort, durability, and ease of sanitation. The popular options for hospital bed sheets include:

  • Cotton: Known for its breathability and softness, it is a comfortable patient choice. It's also highly durable, making it suitable for frequent washes. However, pure cotton sheets may wrinkle more easily and shrink if not properly cared for.
  • Polyester: A synthetic fabric less prone to wrinkling and shrinking than cotton. Polyester sheets are known for their durability and are resistant to stains and fading.
  • Cotton-Polyester Blends: Combining the benefits of both materials, cotton-polyester blends offer a good balance between comfort, durability, and ease of care. These sheets are less likely to wrinkle than pure cotton and maintain breathability better than pure polyester.
  • Flannel: Flannel sheets are a popular choice for colder climates or patients who need extra warmth. Made from soft cotton fibers that have been brushed to create a fuzzy surface, flannel sheets trap body heat and provide an extra layer of insulation.
  • Jersey: This stretchy knit fabric is known for its softness and ability to retain heat. Jersey sheets are a popular choice for patients with sensitive skin or allergies, as they are hypoallergenic.



Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric, which is crucial in defining the comfort and durability of hospital bed sheets. For example, a thread count of 200-300 can be considered the sweet spot for balancing durability and comfort.

Let’s compare two sheets with a thread count of 250 and another with 500. The 250 thread count sheet is sturdy yet soft enough to comfort patients, making it ideal for the frequent laundering required in hospitals.

However, a 500-thread count sheet may offer a silkier feel but at the expense of breathability and practicality in a hospital setting. Therefore, consider the right balance between thread count and practicality when choosing hospital bed sheets.

Other Special Features

Some hospital bed sheets have special features to make them more suitable for healthcare settings. These may include:

  • Elasticized corners: Some sheets have elasticized corners for a snug fit that stays in place.
  • Antimicrobial properties: Some fabrics are treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.
  • Tear-resistant: Sheets made from rip-stop fabrics are designed to resist tearing, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Where to Buy Hospital Bed Sheets?

When it comes to purchasing hospital bed sheets, there are a few options to consider. Many healthcare facilities buy from medical supply companies specializing in bedding for hospitals and other healthcare settings. These companies offer a variety of sizes and materials tailored specifically for hospital beds.

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Choosing the right size hospital bed sheets is crucial for patient comfort, hygiene, and overall well-being. The right size sheet ensures a snug fit that stays in place and reduces the risk of infection. When shopping for hospital bed sheets, consider fabric type and thread count and opt for specialized hospital bed sheet suppliers for the best quality and selection.

This comprehensive guide gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions regarding hospital bed sheet sizes. Providing comfortable and sanitary bedding is essential for promoting healing and maintaining a safe patient environment. So, choose the right size and fabric to ensure the best possible experience for your patients.


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