Faux Rabbit Fur Blanket

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  • Experience warmth with a fuzzy side and softness on the other.
  • No odd sagging or separation in the middle.
  • Delicately sewn seams ensure use without ripping concerns.
  • Skin-friendly: Say goodbye to itchiness and bad chemical smells.
  • Stay comfortably warm all night with a thick blanket that feels light.

Color: Walnut
Size: 4.4 lbs (39”x63”)
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"This blanket is so soft and luxurious it feels like you're wrapped up in a cloud. It's perfect for chilly nights or lounging on the couch on lazy days."

Elevate Comfort, Embrace Sustainability

So soft and fluffy

Immerse yourself in the luxurious softness of faux rabbit fur, delivering a cozy embrace that's simply unmatched.

Fade-Resistant Quality

With their fade-resistant quality, our Faux Rabbit Fur Blankets maintain their allure over time.

Ethical Luxury

Our blankets offer the look and feel of high-end luxury without any harm to animals, making them an ethical and stylish choice.

No Itching

Revel in the opulence of faux rabbit fur without allergenic concerns.You can enjoy the softness without any irritations.


Wrap yourself in pure luxury and warmth, turning every moment at home into pure bliss.

Is Souver's faux rabbit fur blanket made from real rabbit fur?

No, Souver's faux rabbit fur blanket is not made from real rabbit fur. It is crafted from high-quality faux rabbit fur, offering exceptional warmth and comfort without the use of real animal fur. It is an eco-conscious and animal-friendly choice.

Does the blanket shed?

No, it does not shed. Souver's faux rabbit fur blanket utilizes a unique knitting technique and a root stabilization process, effectively eliminating shedding issues, ensuring reliable product quality, and preventing fur from flying.

Is this blanket warm?

The blanket is thick and keeps you warm all night. You can fall asleep on the couch and not have to move all night because you'll be warm all night.

Are there any special care requirements for this blanket?

The blanket is easy to clean and maintain. Regular care includes gentle shaking or tapping to remove dust, occasional fluffing, and cleaning according to the care instructions on the label.

Included in the box

Multi-functional Storage Bag


Only purchase 8.8lbs blanket and you will receive this bag.

Thanks card

Includes a thanks card, bedding care guide card and a "passport" to Souver Magic World!



Customer Reviews

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This blanket is so soft and luxurious it feels like you're wrapped up in a cloud. It's perfect for chilly nights or lounging on the couch on lazy days.

Wonderful Birthday Present

Love it !! It was a great birthday gift from my husband. This smooth faux rabbit fur that wraps around me and warms my heart and body!!