1% for the Planet

🌍 Souver Joins the "1% for the Planet" Program, Protecting Our Earth Together 🌍

We are thrilled to announce that Souver is officially joining the "1% for the Planet" program, dedicating ourselves to the protection and restoration of our precious Earth resources. As an environmentally responsible brand, we understand the importance of safeguarding our planet and are committed to making a positive contribution.

The "1% for the Planet" program is a global initiative that encourages businesses to donate 1% of their profits to environmental conservation organizations. By joining this program, we pledge to allocate 1% of our revenue to support various environmental projects and initiatives, including forest conservation, climate change mitigation, marine protection, and more.

We firmly believe that every cent donated can have a significant impact on the planet. Through our collaboration with "1% for the Planet," we work closely with environmental organizations worldwide, striving together to drive positive change in environmental conservation, ensuring that our Earth continues to provide beauty and abundance for us and future generations.

Choosing Souver means not only acquiring high-quality bedding products but also actively participating in a great mission. Every purchase becomes a part of the action to protect our planet. We believe that through collective efforts, we can bring about positive change for the Earth.

Join Souver and contribute 1% with us. Choose sustainability, choose environmental responsibility, and choose to act for the future of our planet.