Blanket Sizes And Dimensions Guide

Blanket Sizes And Dimensions Guide

Choosing the perfect blanket in Souver involves choosing a design and material that suits your comfort level, as well as choosing the right size. Blankets come in a variety of sizes, each with a specific purpose, from swaddling a baby to covering a king-size bed.

Our guide will help you navigate blanket size and dimensions, allowing you to make an informed decision before purchasing. Whether you're curling up on the sofa with a good book or snuggling down for a restful night's sleep, having the right size blanket can make all the difference. Let's get started.

What is a Blanket?

A blanket is a large piece of soft cloth, typically used for keeping warm, often while sleeping or resting. It is one of the most essential household items, providing comfort and security. Blankets come in various materials such as wool, cotton, down, or synthetic fibers.

Blankets are designed in different sizes to fit beds, sofas, or personal use and in countless styles and colors to suit personal and décor tastes. A blanket is synonymous with coziness, warmth, and a homely feel. Let’s discuss blanket size charts and how to determine the right size for your needs.

Blanket Sizes Chart

Below is the chart that includes blanket sizes in cm and blanket sizes in inches, along with their ideal use:

Blanket Type


Ideal Use

Lovey Blanket

12x12 inches (30x30 cm)

Comfort for babies

Baby Blanket

14x16 inches (36x41 cm)

Swaddling, warmth for infants

Cradle Blanket

14x30 inches (36x76 cm)

Fits standard cradles/bassinets

Premie Blanket

18x24 inches (46x61 cm)

For premature or low birth weight babies

Stroller Blanket

22x30 inches (56x76 cm)

Fits most strollers

Lapghan Blanket

36x48 inches (91x122 cm)

Sitting on the sofa/armchair

Receiving Blanket

40x40 inches (102x102 cm)

Wrapping up newborns, burping cloths

Crib Blanket

45x60 inches (114x152 cm)

Fits standard crib mattress

Throw Blanket

50x60 inches (127x152 cm)

Draping over sofas, decorative

Afghan Blanket

50x65 inches (127x165 cm)

Covering body while sitting or sleeping

Twin Blanket

65x90 inches (165x229 cm)

Fits standard twin-size bed

Full/Double Blanket

85x90 inches (216x229 cm)

Covers full/double-size bed

Queen Blanket

90x90 inches (229x229 cm)

Fits standard queen-size bed

King Blanket

108x90 inches (274x229 cm)

Fits standard king-size bed

1. Lovey Blanket Size

A Lovey Blanket, often associated with comfort for babies, is typically 12x12 inches (30x30 cm) square. It's the perfect size for a baby to grasp and cuddle without the risk of covering their face. These mini-blankets are usually paired with a stuffed animal to create a cuddly, comforting object. However, these blankets are only recommended for one-year-old babies.

2. Baby Blanket Size

A Baby Blanket is typically larger than a Lovey, generally measuring 14x16 inches (36x41 cm). This size is ideal for swaddling a newborn, providing a warm layer in a pram or cot, or serving as a play mat. As the baby grows, this blanket can continue to offer warmth and comfort, making it a staple during the early years. Nonetheless, always ensure the blanket is used safely to prevent any risks.

3. Cradle Blanket Size

A Cradle Blanket usually measures 14x30 inches (36x76 cm) and fits a standard cradle or bassinet. This size is perfect for newborns, providing them with a snug and cozy space to sleep in. It can also double up as a stroller blanket when out and about.

4. Premie Blanket Size

A Premie Blanket is slightly smaller than a standard baby blanket, measuring 18x24 inches (46x61 cm). It's designed for premature or low birth weight babies and provides them with the necessary warmth and comfort during their early weeks. These blankets are often made from soft materials like muslin or flannel to protect their delicate skin.

5. Stroller Blanket Size

A Stroller Blanket is typically 22x30 inches (56x76 cm) and designed to fit most strollers. It's slightly larger than a baby blanket, providing enough coverage for your little one while on the go. This size can also be used as a toddler's lap or travel blanket.

6. Lapghan Blanket Size

A Lapghan Blanket, with typical lap blanket dimensions of 36x48 inches (91x122 cm), is ideal for keeping your lower body warm when sitting. This size is perfect for use on the couch or wheelchair, making it a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable yet compact blanket solution.

7. Receiving Blanket Size

A Receiving Blanket is typically 40x40 inches (102x102 cm) and is primarily used to wrap up newborns. It offers a snug fit, providing warmth and security to the baby. These blankets are also suitable for use as burping cloths or nursing covers.

8. Crib Blanket Size

A Crib Blanket is designed to fit a standard crib mattress, measuring 45x60 inches (114x152 cm). It's the perfect size for babies and toddlers, providing warmth and comfort while they sleep. These blankets are often made from lightweight materials like cotton, ensuring breathability for safety.

9. Throw Blanket Size

Throw blankets are versatile, often used for decorative purposes or to provide a cozy layer while lounging. A standard throw blanket typically measures 50x60 inches (127x152 cm). However, the dimensions can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Throw blanket dimensions are ideal for draping across a sofa or chair or adding a warm layer on chilly evenings.

10. Afghan Blanket Size

An Afghan Blanket is typically larger than a throw, measuring 50x65 inches (127x165 cm). They are designed to cover the entire body and provide warmth while sitting or sleeping. These blankets often feature intricate patterns and designs, making them an attractive addition to any room.

11. Twin Blanket Size

A Twin Blanket measures 65x90 inches (165x229 cm) and is designed to fit a standard twin-size bed. It's the perfect size for children or adults who prefer a smaller blanket. These blankets come in various materials, making finding one that suits your preferences easy.

12. Full/Double Blanket Size


A Full/Double Blanket typically measures 85x90 inches (216x229 cm). This size is designed to comfortably cover a full or double-size bed, offering ample warmth for single or shared use. Whether for curling up with a good book or ensuring a cozy night's sleep, a full/double blanket can serve multiple purposes in a home setting.

13. Queen Blanket Size

A Queen Blanket measures 90x90 inches (229x229 cm) and is designed to fit a standard queen-size bed. This size offers enough coverage for two people, making it an ideal choice for couples. It's also perfect for those who prefer extra snuggly blankets.

14. King Blanket Size

A King Blanket is the largest of all blanket sizes, measuring 108x90 inches (274x229 cm). It's designed to fit a standard king-size bed and offers enough coverage for two people. These blankets are perfect for those who like to have plenty of room to wrap themselves comfortably.

How to Choose the Right Blanket Size?

When choosing a blanket size, consider the intended purpose and who will use it. For example, a Lovey or Baby Blanket size would be most suitable if you use the blanket for a newborn baby. If you want a multipurpose blanket for a stroller or play mat, opt for a slightly larger size like the Cradle or Stroller Blanket.

Consider your body size and comfort preferences for personal use when selecting a throw, lapghan, or afghan blanket. For bedrooms, opt for a blanket for a queen-size bed or a king-size bed, depending on the mattress dimensions. It's also worth considering if you'll use the blanket alone or share it with someone.

Final Words!

Blankets come in different sizes and materials, each serving a specific purpose. Whether you're looking for warmth, comfort, or style, there's a blanket size to suit your needs. With the above guide, you can confidently choose the right size for your specific situation and enjoy the full benefits of a cozy blanket.

At Souver Home,  we understand the importance of a good night's sleep and the role blankets play in achieving it. That's why we offer various sizes of high-quality, comfortable blankets to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for knitted weighted blankets or Faux rabbit fur blankets, we have got you covered. Shop now!


1. How many stitches are for a blanket-size crochet?

The number of stitches for a crochet blanket depends on the desired size, pattern, and yarn weight. For a standard throw blanket, approximately 150 to 200 stitches are recommended.

2. How big is a 60x80 blanket?

A 60x80-inch blanket is considered a queen-size blanket. It is designed to fit a queen-sized bed, providing ample coverage and comfort for two people. It's a versatile size that can also be used for snuggling up on a sofa or chair.

3. What are the standard throw blanket sizes?

A standard throw blanket, including a 50x60 fleece blanket, usually measures around 50x60 inches (127x152 cm). This size is ideal for draping over a sofa or lounge chair or as an additional layer of warmth while sitting or lying down. It's not intended to cover an entire bed or body but rather provide a cozy and soft layer for relaxation and comfort.

4. What is a 48x72 blanket size?

A 48x72 blanket size is best fit for mattress sizes between twin and full-size mattresses. It's a great size for snuggling up on the couch or as an extra layer of warmth on your bed. Due to its versatile dimensions, you can also use it as a travel blanket.

5. What is a perfect baby blanket size?

The baby blanket size crochet typically ranges from 30x34 inches (76x86 cm) to 36x52 inches (91x132 cm). However, the most popular size is usually around 40x40 inches (102x102 cm). This size provides enough coverage for newborns and can be used as a burping cloth or nursing cover.

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